Wednesday, November 20, 2013

toth family session

Oh how I love this family! Erin is one of my bff's.. not only is she amazing and the kind of friend EVERY girl needs, but she's crazy gorgeous too! Just LOVE the attire choices, the location was dead on with their "style" and yeah.. they are just adorable. It was a cold, windy day and the boys were troopers! We had a ton of fun regardless of how frigid it was! Thank you, Indiana in November! 

Early on in the session Nahum found a willy worm so the worm became our buddy for the session. (actually, Nahum still has it at home!) At one point the fuzzy worm was crawling on my headband/ear warmer. 
I am willing to do anything for a good picture!  Made a genuine smile out of Nahum, that's for sure!

Oh how we hope baby girl toth will be with us next year at our session!  They are in the waiting game of adopting a baby girl from Ethiopia. MAN are we all ready to meet her.. especially Andy and Erin!

And for the "real life" photo.. Andy running to the car with Nahum and Olie wrapped up in my blanket because they were SO COLD! 


Anonymous said...

Love em! Made me cry....

On the River's Edge said...

I have only looked at these a hundred times! They depict their true emotions/feelings...they are real. They make me smile and warm my heart! Thanks Darcy!



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