Friday, November 22, 2013

clark family session

Clark's and I have been together for 5 years now!  Just LOVE our sessions! Lilly and Lincoln are so, so fun. They always bring their energy and I always bring candy. Hmmm.. wonder if those two things are a coincidence? 

Anywho, we laughed a ton and I even handed over my camera to Lilly and Lincoln at the end of the session to capture their mommy and daddy. They did amazing, if I do say so myself!

Always my pleasure, Clark family!!!!

These images with Lilly and her mama pretty much sums up what I know of Lilly. ALWAYS ready for a party and some fun! I just love my time with her!

Oh these kids are fun!  These are their new "g-funk" moves. 

This image was compliments of miss five year old Lilly!  Handed over my camera and let her be the photographer! Notice the angle.  =) I may have to hire her! I'll pay her in smarties.. I think she'll be cool with that!

I had my camera away in my bag as Jenny and I were talking. I grabbed it out quickly to capture this last image and I'm so glad I did.. when Jenny and Graham wink and their kids are too big to hold.. they'll have this image to remind them of how fun Lilly-at-5 was. 
Be still my heart!

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