Friday, January 10, 2014

austin + kelsey wedding

December 28th I spent the day with an old gymnasts I coached and her new hubby.. Kelsey and Austin. It was such a fun, fun day. COLD, but fun! I posted pictures on facebook as I was editing and the twin of the bride wanted me to let everyone know that they *looked* warm but in fact they were freezing. =) I am so mean! I will do anything for a good image!

Sit back and enjoy Kelsey and Austin's wedding story!

The wedding was at Kelsey's cousin's barn so we were not short of gorgeous nooks and crannies to shoot detail pictures!

Kels was a stunning bride!

Why yes.. those two girls look alike! Kelsey is an identical twin to Kara. =) 

One of my goals was to capture Kara and Kelsey's relationship in the images I produced for them.  Basically I just stuck them together for their pictures and  their personalities came out! Just love these images!

And now for the ceremony...

The reception was at the Back 40.. such a cool, rustic, gorgeous venue for a wedding in Northern Indiana!

The speech from Kara was hilarious.. fun twin stuff like Austin mistakenly grabbing Kara's butt when he thought it was Kelsey.. you know, good clean fun. =)

They pretty much let each other have it during the cake eating!

Kelsey and papa Jay's dance was the sweetest!

Navy-man Austin surprised Kelsey with a saranade.. Top Gun style!  It. was. hilarious.. as you can tell from everyone's response in the background of this pic!

And then they danced the night away! Such a fun, gorgeous wedding!
 Good luck to you both, Kelsey and Austin! I can't wait to see where the future takes you!

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