Thursday, January 9, 2014

A birth story...

What happens when ya get blizzard like conditions, go under a state of emergency and hit records of -35 wind chill? Well.. you go into labor, right!?!?! That's what my friend Jill did on Monday! Sunday dumped about 10-12 inches on us and the rest of the week was filled with record low temps. Jill started showing signs of labor the week before but baby Naomi wanted to come on her exact due date. Right after the blizzard. 

I think she's going to be a rule follower like that. =)

Jill texted me on Monday morning to give me the heads up that the baby was coming sometime that day.. and just about an hour later she suggested I come. Now!  

Good think I left when I did because 28 minutes after I arrived the baby came into the world in a natural, beautiful, birthing-tub birth.  Follow the story for yourself...

Jill is pretty much THE prettiest person in labor I've ever seen. You would have never known that she was crazy close to pushing in the below image...

Eben and Jill's other three kids.. anxiously waiting at their aunt and uncle's to find out if they were having a sister or brother!

A pink going-home outfit and a blue one.. 

Jill really started contraction hard and she was soooo quiet during her contractions. I am pretty sure I sounded like an elephant giving birth and Jill was a birthing ninja. Crazy, crazy gorgeous she was. =) 

Eben did his fatherly duty video-ing with their camera until I stole it from him and wore two camera's around my neck. 

again.. she's stunning!

This is the second baby that Jill birthed at the birthing center. My good friend Amanda from a.tonagel photography shot her first birth and this is the amazing image she captured of Jill finding out that her 3rd child was a girl.. after having two boys.  That image won a contest and now is hung in the room where so many bring their new babies into the world as well. 

Jill's comment, "I need to get in that bathtub or I will not have this baby in the tub!" Man she was right.. the baby came about 10 minutes after this photo!

And since this is a rated "G" blog, we'll show you what happened a few pushes after the last image!

And.. it's a GIRL!!!!

Every mother can relate to the below image! MAN that hurt and MAN I am glad that part is over! I am holding my new baby!

Proud Papa.

Naomi looking at her pretty mama. 

First feeding photo. =)

Letting the world know.. 2014 style. 

I just LOVE this image! You can tell Eben's heart is glad!

Something awesome they do at the birth center is the mama and baby have their first bath together. Naomi LOVED her bath with mama and her CRAZY head of hair combed!  (And it's an herbal bath.. that is what the floating things are)

Big brothers and big sister came to meet their new sibling.. this is Benjamin's reaction to Jill telling him "it's a girl!" He busted up!  Laughed so hard and loud!

Be still my heart.. Eben with his two ladies. 

Jill took Anna in the bathroom to show her the picture of her being born. Isn't this the sweetest? 

Pretty sure any boy that wants to date Naomi is going to have to get through these two brothers!

And Eben's mom is visiting from Nigeria so this is her meeting her new grand-daughter!  This is the only grandchild what has been born while she's been in the States. 

The brand spanking NEW family of 6!!!!

Love you, Kio's! THANK YOU for asking me to be apart of this!

And disclaimer: No, I don't normally take birth photos. Jill is one of my best friends and well, if you are my best friend then you get special dh photography privileges. =)  I have some amazing northern Indiana birth photographer friends I can refer you to!

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