Wednesday, January 8, 2014

sweet Emeline at 1!

 Emeline was a newborn client of mine a year ago! It was fun to see how much she's grown.. and to witness the bit of sassiness she posses!  We had fun dolling her up and watching her walk out of all my set-ups. =) Here's some insider info about DH photography.. I always do a silent cheer when I find out my 1 year olds aren't walking by their one year old session! All they ever seem to be interested in is walking out of the set-ups! We tricked Miss Emeline by having her sit on things. She thought that was pretty coo. =)

An image to always remember those chubby toes...

Emeline let us know if she didn't like something.. so i couldn't help but snap this picture of her mooning us.. baby style!

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