Thursday, September 9, 2010

Add a baby girl to the family!!!

Spend my Labor Day morning with the Maust family!  We had a lot on the agenda.. family pictures, 2 year pics of Mr. Kahler and (kinda) newborn pictures of new baby Maylin!  We had taken a few pictures in the NICU when Maylin was a few weeks old.. she decided to come into the world a bit early.  8 weeks to be exact.  Lindsay decided to wait to do 6 week pictures in lieu of her newborn shots since she was in the hospital for those!  She's up to 6lbs so she's still smaller than most of my newborns.  =)  Kahler turns 2 tomorrow so he was due for pictures too.  We took him to his grandparents house/field and let him run!  I chased and was able to get a few pictures below!  Thanks for being SO loyal to me, Maust family!

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Jewel said...

Beautiful pics! It's getting me excited for our turn next week!



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